Borescope Inspection Services

Power Engineering Services and Solutions uses the most advanced technology in remote visual inspection offered in the field service for internal inspection of machinery with borescope equipment, always at the right time.

The inspection service will help the customer know immediately the state of integrity of its equipment, allowing their personnel to witness the conditions of the machinery, optimizing times for decision making.

PESS uses high technology and for its services with specialized personnel who operate an Olympus digital boroscope.

High Resolution Photography and Video

  • Photographs
  • Online image data-base
  • Efficient way to improve the Predictive Maintenance Program

Machine Degradation?

  • Know the conditions of your equipment and improve maintenance planning
  • PESS uses state of the art technology for its inspections

Know the integrity of the Equipment

  • Discover cracks, erosion, rust, thermal fatigue, and internal damage in turbo-machinery and equipment
  • Record foreign object damage (FOD) on internal components
  • Side by side comparison of previous inspection images, identifying changes in the present condition
  • Identification of deposits, and external material of Turbine, Motor, Generator, Boiler, etc…

Monitoring of Machinery Condition

  • Update your equipment fleet to Intelligent Machinery using advanced technology and statistical process data
  • Analysis and diagnosis of potential failures
  • Historic trace of component performance
  • Real time identification of part life cycle limits

Reduction in Maintenance Costs

  • Significant improvement in Return On Assets (ROA)
  • Automated history of machine specific maintenance
  • Tracking by asset serial number, including own maintenance report portfolio
  • Specific asset work programs “What requires to be done?” and “When must it be done?”
  • Components are identified by the use and severity of their life limit

Predictive Maintenance Program

  • Maintenance personnel will know the details of each inspection and the conditions of the machinery fleet
  • Operators in the mill will know ahead of time of unwanted situations

Example Images

This Service is focused considering the typical problems at a power generation facility. A series of solutions have been designed to present and compile information that will ease problems detection and avoidance.

Axial cracks 1 and 2 inches long observed in the suction section of the first stage of a 7FA+e gas turbine.
General condition of the trailing edge at the first stage of 7FA+e gas turbine blades.
View of the leading edge of first stage nozzles in a 7FA+e gas turbine.
Loss of material caused by oxidation. 1st stage of 7FA+e gas turbine blades.
Important material loss caused by oxidation in the lower part of the walls of the first stage of 7FA+e gas turbine blades.
View of the IGVs of a 7FA+e turbine.  
Blade view from the 1st stage of the rotor of the compressor of a 7FA+e gas turbine.
Damaged blade tip in the 2nd stage of a 7EA gas turbine.
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