Project Development

The vast experience of PESS in the development of generation plants and electric utilities projects, allows customers to eliminate doubts as for technical, legal, contractual, and economic details that could arise.

Some of the projects developed by PESS are:

  • Co-generation installation.
  • Combined cycle installation.
  • Wind Turbine Plant installation.
  • Industrial Energy Plants.

The team at PESS can help you develop the following activities:

  • Co-generation installation.
  • Combined cycle installation.
  • Industrial Power Plants.
  • Complete development of a Business Plan for the Project.
  • Feasibility studies for the installation of the project, analyzing different technologies and configurations for the plant.
  • Technical and Economic Evaluation.
  • Risk evaluation and sensitivity analysis.
  • Estimation of human and operational capital.
  • Design of the generation plant.
  • Evaluation and selection of equipment specifications.
  • Technical assistance during the path to the acquisition of the plant.
  • Electricity cost analysis.

Some of the customers for these services include, investment banks, consulting firms, construction engineering companies, cogeneration plants, and service companies.

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