Project Engineering

Performance improvement projects: PESS has wide experience and knowledge in the design, development, and execution of projects to improve equipment in a power generation central. PESS develops the whole life cycle of each project, starting with viability studies, project development, design, engineering, and supply through the final execution.

Viability Studies

PESS aids the risk evaluation generating several alternatives that help in determining the adequate strategies to identify the keys securing benefits for the project.

Project Development

Given PESS vast experience; can provide a clear path for decision-making. Technical experience eliminates the uncertainty when proposing innovative solutions, processes, and tools to make the project become a reality. PESS has contributed to the development of cogeneration projects, wind turbine plants, and execution of improvement projects.

Engineering Design

For each project, PESS generates a complete set of detail and construction engineering drawings, significantly reducing the implementation time on site. Some of the projects include update in the gas and steam turbine controls, update of combustion systems, monitoring systems, intake air-cooling, and customization of energy facilities.

Project Execution

The PESS group of specialized field engineers contributes to the execution and development of each project. All of them are completely backed by the team of design engineers, which allows for the development of a good installation project. Field engineers are bilingual and are involved in the project during the engineering design phase, achieving to adjust to the schedules required by the industry.

PESS adds value in the following way:

  • Responsibility of the whole project, turn-key
  • Develop specifications during execution
  • Sense of responsibility
  • Latest technology used on all projects
  • Construction engineering documentation
  • Trained operators


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