Field turbo-machinery Maintenance


Mechanic maintenance ensures that the parts of the rotational equipment (turbines and compressors) operate within the parameters specified by the manufacturer, avoiding excessive waste of the components, which might derive into a main failure of the equipment. (Major maintenance, combustion inspection, hot part inspection, component repair)

Control and Instrumentation

Maintenance and troubleshooting of control and instrumentation of the equipment. These procedures are vital to a reliable operation and secure high availability of the equipment. (Calibration of Instrumentation, failure detection in the control system, etc.)


Maintenance of the electric system of power generation equipment. This maintenance prevents system failures in the electric equipment. (Generator re-winding, electric tests, etc.)

Diagnostics and Inspection Services

Borescope Inspection Services

Using a borescope, internal components of equipment are inspected to secure their integrity without the need of disassembling the equipment.

Vibration Analysis

This service detects problems with vibrations of the rotational equipment. Through collected information, the failure can be diagnosed and adequate recommendations issued to eliminate the vibration (e.g. balancing, alignment, etc.)

Non-destructive Testing

Essays using penetrating or magnetic particle products that help diagnosing the integrity of the components.

Thermal Performance Tests

Evaluates the thermal performance of the equipment in terms of power, heat rate, and issues recommendations to optimize operation.


PESS has designed the following courses oriented to users, operators, shift-chiefs, and maintenance.

  • Operation and Maintenance of Gas Turbines
  • Turbine Control Systems
  • Excitation Systems

These courses are customized for each client based on the configuration of the facility.

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