Mechanical Modernization and Parts and Equipment Supply

PESS develops the modernization of plants, focused on supplying solutions so clients can reduce operation costs, increase production, and improve reliability and availability of their equipment. The experienced engineering team at PESS is focused in gas and steam turbine modernization projects as in equipment adaptation projects.  

The list of PESS modernizations includes:

Control Systems Modernization

PESS supplies the modernization of obsolete control systems so operators can have a total process control and thus reduce the risk of loosing the control of the turbine. PESS’s modernizations to the control system are based on state of the art PLCs that allow having the maximum process control, technical support, and availability of parts and spares.

Modernization of the hot parts of the gas turbine

PESS offers to increment efficiency and production of the gas turbine through the installation of the most recent parts in the turbines. The benefits of each unit depend on the current configuration of the gas turbines; you can increment up to 10% in power production and improve heat rates by 5%.

Increment of the combustion temperature in gas turbines

Combustion temperatures in gas turbines are the main factor driving efficiency of the gas turbines. The higher the combustion temperature, the higher is the efficiency of the cycle. At the same time, the material of installed parts limits combustion temperatures. 

Modernization of the combustion system

PESS modernizes the parts of the combustion system of gas turbines with the latest Dry Low NOx (DLN) technology to ensure that customers comply with environmental requirements without loosing power or efficiency. 

Remote Monitoring Systems

PESS’s experience in machinery monitoring systems is maximized to obtain a complete remote visualization of the process. This technology has been proved to improve reliability, and availability of the equipment by identifying on time the process conditions that might cause damage to the equipment resulting in unexpected or severe damages to the equipment.

Intake Air Cooling Systems to the Gas Turbine

Power and efficiency of the gas turbine is improved cooling the air entering the compressor. Customers can achieve up to 30% power increase and 7% improvement in unit-calorific consumption. 

Modification of Power Generation Plants

There are additional improvements that can be implemented at each plant, depending on the specific needs of the plant. The engineering team at PESS is prepared to supply an integral solution that improves the performance of the plant, its availability, and reliability. Some of these projects include for example the addition of a SSS clutch to a gas turbine or the installation of a compressor washing system.

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