Modernization of Gas Turbines

Improvement and revamping of power plants. PESS provides the help for the update of energy plants, besides giving the operators options of energy plants to reduce operational costs, increase production, and improve reliability and availability of equipment. The experienced team of PESS engineers is centered in improvements of gas turbines, steam turbines, and customization of the projects in centrals.

Upgrades offered by PESS are:

Upgrade of Control Systems

PESS upgrades the control systems of gas turbines to achieve higher efficiencies and reduce the risk of loosing control of the turbine under operation. PESS PLC control upgrades incorporate technology in the control technique to achieve the maximum control of the processes, aid services, and piece availability.

Upgrade of Hot Gas Parts of the gas turbine

PESS offers increasing efficiency and production of the gas turbine through the installation of the most recent parts in the turbines. Benefits of each unit depend on the present configuration of the gas turbines; increases can reach up to 10% in power production and improve heat rate 5%.

Increase of combustion temperature in the gas turbine

The increase of the combustion temperature of the gas turbines is the main drive for efficiency: the higher the temperature, the cycle becomes more efficient. This temperature is limited though by the kind of material of the parts. When upgrading the hot parts of the turbine, PESS offers the increment in combustion temperature achieving a more efficient machine.

Upgrade of the combustion systems

PESS offers to upgrade the existent combustion hardware, with the latest technology in NOx emission to assure clients comply with environmental requirements without loosing the output power or efficiency in their machines.

Supervision of equipment systems

PESS’s experience in remote system monitoring, allows obtaining a better visibility of the whole process. This technology has demonstrated to improve reliability and availability of data, through the identification of the conditions; helping to avoid having a forced stop of the unit.

Intake air-cooling

Output power and efficiency of the gas turbine, extracts air from the environment to cool the air entering the compressor, customers can obtain a 30% increase in the output power, and 7% in heat rate.

Customization of Energy Plants

At each site, improvement projects can be applied, depending on the needs of each client. The team of engineers is specialized to provide integral solutions to improve performance and availability of the plant. Some examples of these projects are addition of an SSS clutch to a gas turbine, installation of a water compressor for gas turbine cleaning or the additional installation of an auxiliary generator.

PESS has developed agreements with spare part and equipment suppliers in the United States and Europe. This vast supplier network allows executing the projects with efficient timing, and using the latest technology available in the market.

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