Thermal Performance Tests

The thermal performance test in gas turbines is an important tool for decision-making and helps reduce uncertainty in generation costs as in the economic impact of a modification in the gas turbine.

Performance tests for Gas Turbines

  • Delta Performance Test
    Tests performed before and after a programmed shut down.
  • Absolute Performance Test
    Reference of each unit (different from that of design); it is used for adequate decision making.
  • Performance Evaluation based in the ASME PTC 22 Protocol
    For guarantee validation in new and modernized units.
  • Calibration of Precision and Facility Instruments
    To avoid the minimal deviations in certain readings, which generate inefficiencies in the operation.

Performance Monitoring for Gas Turbines

Performance Consulting in Electric Generation Plants

Thermal-Economic Evaluation

Delta Performance Test
  • Establish production costs
  • Determine operation margins
  • Evaluate market conditions
  • Determine Return on Investment of maintenance and operation activities
Evaluation of Thermal Performance
  • Technical Evaluation
  • Understand the thermal performance at different environmental conditions
  • Evaluate opportunity areas to improve thermal performance
  • Develop a scale to compare the thermal performance of different turbines
  • Thermal performance guarantee validation


  • Understanding on the consequence of current operational practices
  • Validation of performance changes after programmed maintenances (Combustion Inspections, Hot Gases, Major Maintenances, etc.)
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